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let’s grow together

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Acadiana Food Hub is dedicated to developing a sustainable local food ecosystem to help improve the health of people in the Acadiana region.



Acadiana is a nine-parish region in south Louisiana that suffers from an underdeveloped local food ecosystems. Farmers struggle to sell their produce at prices that allow them to make a living. Local producers struggle to find the commercial kitchen and support services they need to bring products to market to sell locally and nationally. Also the community as a whole is at significant risk in the case of emergencies when supply lines are disrupted, because it only has a two-day food supply on hand. Plus, we're putting the health of our community at risk by not having adequate produce available to feed our children and homeless populations.


The Acadiana Food Hub is setting out to address these multifaceted challenges by establishing a physical space, a support structure for farmers and local producers, and a distribution system that connects farmers and producers with consumers to fill the gaps in Acadiana's local food ecosystem so that more people can make a living providing fresh local produce and locally-made products to more of their neighbors.



The Acadiana Food Hub will serve the following constituents:


  • Local farmers

  • Local producers

  • Organizational consumers

  • Individual consumers


For local farmers, the Acadiana Food Hub will operate as an aggregation and distribution center with space for cold, frozen and dry storage of food items.


For local producers, the Acadiana Food Hub will connect with two shared-use kitchens for rental by the hour, week, or month. One kitchen is for incubation of value added products for wholesale markets. The second kitchen is set up as a commissary space for caterers, food trucks, and other retail operators needing a certified kitchen to operate. Secure food truck parking, water disposal and fill up is also available.


For organizational consumers, the Acadiana Food Hub will assist with connecting farmers to markets, grocers, institutions, and restaurants through hosting an online ordering portal, bridging the communication gap between farmer and market.


For individual consumers, the Acadiana Food Hub will provide access to locally grown and processed food and food products.



The Acadiana Food Hub will accomplish these goals by pursuing the following activities:


  • Space for commissary kitchen

  • Space for incubator kitchen

  • Warehouse space

  • Distribution locally

  • Ecommerce distribution

  • Certification support services

  • Financial support services

  • Demand aggregation

  • Etc.



The Acadiana Food Hub will support these efforts financially through a variety of means, including:


  • Charging rent on the various spaces

  • Charging for distribution/fulfillment

  • Soliciting donations from individuals and organizations

  • Seeking grants from local and national agencies

  • Facilitating innovative public-private partnerships 


Through all of these activities, the Acadiana Food Hub will fulfill its mission to build a sustainable local food ecosystem so that the people of Acadiana can eat healthier and so that the farmers and local producers of our area can earn livings feeding their neighbors.