For Caterers, Food Trucks, & Virtual Restaurants

Acadiana Commissary Kitchen is a certified food production facility. Entrepreneurs launching or expanding upon a food business can rent kitchen facilities on an ongoing basis. In order to use our facility, you must be a food business with proper regulatory agency and insurance paperwork.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that primary contact be between the food business and Dept. of
Health & Hospitals (DHH). It is important for food business to understand all label,
certification, and permitting requirements that pertain to its product. Acadiana Food Hub can
serve to assist you but will not enter discussions with DHH about your product.

  1. Submit an email inquiry using our Kitchen Application FormWe will respond to you within 3 business days.
  2. Attend a Tour of the Kitchen Facility
  3. Starting Your Business
    1. Determine the Type of Business: Example: Limited Liability Company (LLC) or another type.
    2. Register Business with the Louisiana Secretary of State
      1. Go to
      2. Reserve a name for your business.
      3. Obtain a Federal Identification number from the Internal Revenue Service (
      4. Then register your business.
    3. We advise you set up a commercial checking account to keep your business separate from your personal expenses, using the above documents to do so.
    4. As you prepare to sell you may need to other account numbers such as:
      1. Sales Tax ID Number and tax forms for any Parish you have sales. Go to and click on “business registration” to file online or to download an application.
  4. Product Liability Insurance
    1. Your business is required to carry $1,000,000 occurrence product liability and $2,000,000 aggregate general liability. Costs could be approximately $400-950 per year. Below are insurance companies to research for yourself:
      1. Food Liability Insurance Program, 888-568-0548,
      2. Contact for member savings.
  5. Employees
    1. If hiring employees, you will need Workers’ Compensation. Please contact the Louisiana Restaurant Association for information -
  6. Complete Review Plan for Mobile/Retail Food Unit for the Retail Division of DHH
    1. FOOD TRUCK PDF Link here:
    2. CATERING PDF Link here:
    3. Include site plans and space allocation of the Acadiana Food Hub with your review plan.
      1. Site Plans - CLICK HERE
      2. Space Allocation - CLICK HERE
  7. Submit review plan packet to Lafayette Parish Health Unit
    1. 220 W. Willow Street, Bldg. A, Lafayette, LA 70501
    2. 337-262-5616
    3. After you submit your mobile/retail food establishment plan review, the DHH will schedule a visit with you at ACK facility to issue a permit.
    4. Coordinate schedule with ACK manager.
    5. Cost to the DHH for the permit is $175 per year (minimum, could be higher depending on sales)
  8. Obtain Lafayette Parish Permits (Note: these permits should be obtained after DHH permit is issued)
    1. Permit for Occupancy:
      1. For the form and more information, go to
      2. The permanent fee will allow a business to operate, the temporary fee will not allow the business to be in operation.
    2. Sales and Tax Use Form:
      1. For the form and more information, go to LPSS Online
  9. Register with The Food Corridor
    1. Upload your business license documents, your proof of liability insurance, and your ServSafe certificate to your profile.
    2. Set Acadiana Commissary Kitchen as your home kitchen.
    3. Download all kitchen policy documents.
    4. Schedule times for kitchen use.
  10. Provide Business Documents, Sign Agreements, & Pay Admin. Fees
    1. Sign Acadiana Commissary Kitchen Agreements (where applicable)
      1. Tenant Agreement
      2.  Storage Agreement
      3. Confidentiality Agreement
      4. Operating Agreement
    2. Pay Administrative Fee and Down Payment
      1. $100 Administrative fee - this covers administrative costs, utilities & waste disposal
      2. $300 Down Payment + $100 Facility Access Key Security Deposit
    3. Business Documents:
      1. Certifications - ServSafe
      2. Proof of Product Liability Insurance
      3.  Lafayette Parish Permits for Mobile Food Establishment